Wednesday, March 26, 2014


Today is Wendnesday, March 26, 2014. We have just completed another novel, Hoot. The protagonist in the book is Roy Edberheart. I know he is the protagonist because he helped Beatrice's brother save the owls. The antagonist in this book is Mother Paula's Pancake House. I know they are antagonist because Mother Paula's  Pancake House is trying to hurt where the owls live. The main conflict in the story is when Mother Paula's Pancake house was about to build a new location  but it would hurt the owls and their home. The resolution of Hoot was when Roy, Beatrice, Mullet Fingers and their friends stop the Pancake house from being built. My three favorite parts of the book were when Mullet Fingers tries to stop the pancake house from being build , Roy tries to help Mullet Fingers saved the owls. Roy let Mullet Fingers use his name when Roy didn't know his name and Mullet Fingers didn't tell him.  My three least favorite parts of Hoot were when Lonna acted like she was proud of her son  because she wanted to be on TV. Curly didn't care about the owls. They were trying to build the pancake house. If I could be any characters in the book I would be Beatrice because she wanted to help her stepbrother and Roy save the owls. Overall, this book was Fantastic because Roy and his friends tried to help save the owls from the pancake house being build.

Friday, December 20, 2013

The Best Christmas Pageant Ever

       We finished our 4th Novel, The Best Christmas Pageant Ever written by Barbra Robison. The main characters are Mom,Charlie,Imogene,Gladys, LeRoy,Dad,Alice,and Ralph,and Claude,and Ollie.  The way I would describe the Herdman's are Mean,Careless,and Messy. The one thing that surprised me about the book it was funny and it was a great book a few character Traits that I found in this Novel were nice,mean,careless,fun,and funny.  My favorite character is Mom because she was nice, funny, snart, and caring. We are going to read the sequel to this Novel The Best ( Worst ) School Year over break. I'm looking forward to reading this because it looks interesting and Funny. I think this book was good because it was funny and nice - I really liked it. If I could have one of the Herdman's as my friend I would choose Imogene because She changed at the Christmas Pageant and was interested in Herod.

Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Loser book review

          We just completed our third novel. Loser is a book by Award Winner Jerry Spinelli. The Main      character is Zinkoff. One word that describes Zinkoff is caring. The reason I think this word describes him is because he helps look for Claudia. The setting of the story is Home, School, and   The Neighborhood. The  important events that happened in the story is Zinkoff went to a new school Also, he his mom told him to wait for her and he hated to wait. She had a leash around her neck because her mom didn't want her to run away.
   Zinkoff's dad took Zinkoff to take Donald Zinkoff To Work Day and Zinkoff got to deliver the mail. The best part of the book was Zinkoff finding Claudia and taking her home to her mom.   If I could change any situation of the book, I would have change Claudia being lost because Zinkoff  had to find her and he thought he would not find Claudia. 
   One character trait he had was loveable because he would try to find Claudia. Another Zinkoff character trait during the story was Brave. Zinkoff was brave because he went out in the cold to look for Claudia and his parents thought that he would catch a cold.
 I did like how this novel ended because Zinkoff looked for Claudia somebody found her.

Friday, November 15, 2013

Here's the scoop

      Today is Friday, November 15, 2013 and the weather is getting colder. We have been working hard  in math. We learned new Divisibilty rules. Divisibility is when we do plus, division, and multiply. We have also learned to find the greatest common factor. In order to find the GCF you need to do times and we  have to figure out what times the number and list them.
       Number of the day is 33. We take a number and use plus, multiplication, and, division. 
      Mrs. Binge's 6th class is selling snack passes for 1.00.dollar  Tell what how you get a snack pass  the money they raise goes to Growing Strong and Habitat for Humanity.
     Congratulations to the following students that made the Durfee Basketball team Tyler, Kaderius,  Jacobe, Jamhel, Kamilian, and Treylyn. Their first game is Tuesday at the DISC at 3:45. 
  Our next states and Capitals test is Wednesday, November 20, 2013. I am currently studying to take  the States test. I am sure I will do a good job. There is a song on You Tube that we have been using to help us with our states. I really like that song. 
     We have also been studying lots of vocabulary words. Each week we make flash cards, work on     sentences, graphic organizers and made videos with our iPads. My favorite word we've learned so far is Monochrome. The definition of Monochrome is having one color; a painting, design, photo or outfit that is only one color or shades of one color. 
     Our Holiday program is December 12th at 12:45.The 5th graders will be singing Jingel Bell Rock and We Will Jingle. In reading we are reading Loser.
     The book is about a little boy name Zinkoff he wants to be like he's dad his dad is a mailman.I like  this book because Zinkoff is trying to be friends with Andrew.
       And Andrew doesn't wants to leave his house. 
Today Ms. Norma brought in was a thanksgiving hat that we had to make. 

Friday, November 8, 2013

A log in a pond

                                   I saw a fish in the pond but when I picked it up 
                                   I didn't want it but it was no refunds.
                                   I kept it home an put in in my pond
                                   I sold it to my mom
                                  My mom went back to the pond and got the log.
                                 She wrapped the log up to give to me.
                                My mom gave me the log and I put it in the pond.
                               She went back to the pond.
                                My mom wrapped the log.
                               My mom gave me the log.
                               I put the log in the pond.                           





Thursday, October 24, 2013


Today is Tursday, October 24 2013. We have just completed our second novel, Shiloh. The protagonist in the book is Judd Travers. A protagonist is the villan that fights against the antagonist. The antagonist in the book Shiloh is Marty Preston. An antagonist is the main character in the story. The main conflict in the story is when Marty found a dog who was beatin and abused by it's owner Judd Travers and Marty named him Shiloh. My favorite part of the book was when Marty had enough money to buy Shiloh from Judd. My least favorite part of Shiloh was that Judd Travers was abusing his dogs. If I could be any of the characters in the book I would be Marty because he takes care of Shiloh and keeps him safe and would protect him from Judd Travers. I wouldn't recommend this book to another student because it is sad that a dog is getting abused bu it's owner.

Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Welcome To My Blog

Hello my name is Tianna. I'm in the fifth grade at Durfee Technology Magnet School. This year we are a class of bloggers! We will be using this blog to share things going on in our classroom stay tuned!